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Last updated on May 26th, 2021 at 08:44 am

Maritime Informatics: an emerging discipline for a digitally connected efficient, sustainable and resilient industry

Complementing the Maritime Informatics, first comprehensive volume on the new field of Maritime Informatics, Maritime Informatics – Additional Perspectives and Applications is available now!!!

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Building upon the recently published inaugural book Maritime Informatics by Springer, this book addresses some of the most recent practical developments and experiences, particularly from a global perspective. The focus of the book is to address contemporary movements to tackle global concerns and to complement Maritime Informatics. 

Maritime Informatics is an applied science. Developed by data scientists to meet the needs of practice and applied by practitioners and data scientists cooperatively 

Book of the month: Maritime Informatics as a new discipline for safe and sustainable shipping

The objective of Maritime Informatics is to promote standardised digital data sharing to achieve high levels of coordination and resource utilisation. The ultimate goal is to use the data that accumulates through data sharing to develop and implement new types of shipping analytics, which will advance operational performance and strategic planning to further raise the capital productivity of the shipping industry. Maritime Informatics is about enabling understanding, predicting, advising, and improving maritime activity by digital means.


Book Review Maritime Informatics Approach to Leveraging Digitalization